Friday, July 17, 2020

Create Graphic Organizer Worksheets, Impactful Visuals, and Graphics with Google Drawings

For some reason, I’ve felt that Google Drawings is not getting the love that it deserves. With that in mind, I am going to write about and share with you a million, zillion, gajillion examples of how Google Drawings can be used in your classes. Check out the video below and resources on my website for over two dozen templates you can copy for use. There is a range of graphic organizers (as worksheets), posters, inspirational quotes, and infographics. (link one and link two)

Google Drawings is one of the ‘simpler’ tools in the Google Drive family of apps. The text and image formatting is the same as other apps (fonts, colours, sizing, etc), along with the image format options for images that you find in Google Slides. (rotation, drop shadow, resizing, etc) The white and grey checkboxes and alignment ‘red lines’ will guide you in positioning elements of any design.

Keep in mind that if you wish to use digital graphic organizers in your classes, Google Drawings gives you more design options than a simple Google Doc. Thus, I recommend you consider using the app for graphic organizers, especially if you want to easily add and format images. Additionally, for Google Classroom users, you can simply make a copy for all students when attaching resources to an activity or assignments.

Google Drawings is also useful for creating graphics for your walls, which you can also download as image files for a website or blog, such as classroom posters. (think educational philosophies, inspirational quotes posters, public service announcements, or protest posters)

For a quick view of many examples, followed by an all-inclusive ‘how to’ tutorial, have a look at the video below.

Happy drawing!


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