Saturday, August 31, 2019

Broadcast Learning with YouTube Live!

The use of YouTube in connected classrooms is now commonplace. Teachers often show videos or clips of videos to enhance understanding of a concept, process, or event. Some use a flipped model of learning where students view videos at home and come to class prepared with questions and discussion topics. Some may employ tools such as Edpuzzle to make viewing videos more interactive, while others have students create content that can be consumed by others for learning, entertainment, or both. 
I would suspect that few (including myself) are using YouTube to broadcast student learning. By this, I mean actually broadcasting live via YouTube, like a television station. Although there are plans to broadcast with our local Google Educator Group in Nagoya, Japan, I have not broadcast with students. But the idea has been nagging me in the back of my mind. Before setting up your channel for live broadcasting there are some questions to consider. (please, add your thoughts in the comment box)

What’s your purpose? Demonstrating learning in your class or department? Enhancing student agency? Development of specific skills that are related to broadcasting? Sharing school news? PR for your school or professional organization?

What will you broadcast? Broadcasting with YouTube Live on your YouTube channel would help your audience if there is an overarching theme. It could be your Grade 5 class bi-monthly news or interviews with students sharing what they’ve learned recently. With an overarching theme, like “Learning in Social Studies”, you can pretty much connect anything to your live broadcast agenda. 

Where will you broadcast? In a perfect world, every school would have a broadcasting/recording studio. If you have one, you’re set. If not, think about how to transform a small corner of your classroom into a studio. What will you use for a background and props? (if you need them) Will you have an interview-style broadcast or newscasters? How will you use video? If you use an external camera and microphone you will need to study up on how to do this. (login to your Gmail account to access this short YouTube Creator Academy course to learn how. Keep in mind, YouTube Live broadcast could also simply be a slide deck that screen-shared and students explaining each slide. 

When will you broadcast, how frequently, and how long? Let’s face it, when you start a program you’ll be expected to follow through in order to be successful. Choose a day of the week and time for people to look forward to. (and ideally, a day that doesn’t have a lot of interruptions due to school holidays) This may depend on the nature of your project and purpose. Start with something manageable like once per month, giving students time to practice and teachers time to promote. Make it a celebration. When you’re organized and “professional” do two per month, etc, until you have a weekly news channel. If you don’t decide how long each episode will be in the beginning, use the YouTube Analytics feature to find out how long your videos retain viewers and adjust to that. 

So, how do you do this? Follow these basic steps or go straight to YouTube Support.

*A YouTube tutorial video will follow soon.*

Activate your YouTube Channel in your Gmail account. Learn here.
Enable live streaming. Learn here.
Create a live stream in the Live Control Room. Learn here.
For YouTube Creator Studio Beta version learn here
For YouTube Creator Studio Classic learn here
Create a live stream via webcam. Learn here
Streaming Tips can be found here

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