This section is under construction, and intended to be built upon, will not presentations given, but will also house slide decks of presentations and sessions for visitors to copy and use freely in their own practice. 


12.2016 GEG West Tokyo Pub Night & Demo Slams. A GEG pub night with presentations on virtual reality in the classroom, popular reading / writing / creativity app Night Zookeeper (, and a demo slam session. 

11.11.2016 Differentiate Digitally: Differentiate with Google and other Digital ToolsWorkshop on tools that support differentiation in the classroom, for the Kanto Plain Learning Support Network. Saint Mary's International School, Tokyo. 

10.29.2016 Enhance Learning with Effective Teacher and Student-Made Tutorials. A session highlighting tools and strategies to create simple, yet effective, video content that enhances learning and collaboration. Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, Tokyo.

08.20.2016 Google for Education Roadshow Japan. Workshop on Google Classroom (Japanese). Google Office Roppongi, Tokyo.

06.14. 2016 Google Atmosphere. GEG Booth Support. Mini demonstrations of Google Apps for Education and Google Educator Groups information. 

05.2016 GEG West Tokyo Picnic & Play Day. Planned, prepared and facilitated an after park day focused on Google Maps, Streetview and Cardboard. Focused on learning to use the tools, Cardboard, and making content available online. 

04.2016 Beyond Laptops Conference. With a team of technology coaches and integrationists, planned a 3-day conference with themes on: Learning Spaces, Mobile Learning, and Digital Citizenship / Resilience. Included unconference topics and facilitator-based workshops in which I lead a session on Google Maps, Streetview, Cardboard, YouTube 360 as well as Augmented Reality. 

03.2016 GEG West Tokyo x Tokyo JALT Session: YouTube for Teaching & Learning. Facilitated learning of YouTube features, YouTube Editor, as well as Chrome extensions for creating teacher-made and student-made tutorial videos. 

01-03.2016 GEG West Tokyo Google Certified Educator Study Group. Coordinated and facilitated 7 online Google Hangout sessions on the GCE1 Exam. 

02.2016 EdTech Team Google Apps Summit Kobe. Facilitated 5 workshops over days: Google Search, Integrating Drive Apps with Google Sites for Collaborative Learning; Enhance Learning With Effective YouTube Tutorials; Google+ for Community Building: How School Events, Student Councils and Classrooms; and Using Google Classroom Effectively with Drive Apps & Sites. 

01.2016 DEEP Learning Tech Conference Presenter. Facilitated a workshop on Integrating Drive Apps with Google Sites and Google Classroom for Collaborative Learning. 

11.2015 GEG West Tokyo x Tokyo JALT Session: Google Search Like a Ninja. Facilitated a session on Google Search basic and advanced features, with an emphasis on research and academic honesty. 

03.2015 Google Apps Workshop. Prepared and delivered a one-day workshop on Google Apps for Education. 

03.2015 Edcamp Tokyo Workshop. Facilitated an ‘unconference’ session on Google Apps for Education tools and methodology; participated in workshops on Play in the Classroom, Project-Based Learning, and Storytelling. 

02.2015 EdTech Team Google Apps Summit Kobe. Planned and delivered workshops on integrating Google Drive Apps with Google Sites, as well as Google+ for Community Building and School Events.
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Student & Teacher-Made Video Tutorials
Enhance Learning with Effective Teacher and Student-Made Video Tutorials
  • Google Slides Presentation
  • Tutorial Checklist 
    • Ver. 1:
    • Ver. 2

Differentiate with Digital Tools
  • Support reading and writing skills
  • Help students find, understand, use and write ideas and information
  • Organize and manage their learning
  • Develop 21st century skills
  • Provide and effective and efficient process for using tech as a tool for learning and not as an end product or crutch: students stay at the center
  • Assist teachers in identifying struggling students
  • Better understand the climate in your classroom and learning styles

Google Forms
Practical surveys for Learning Progress, Teacher Reflection, School Assessments, based on John Hattie's Visible Learning.
  • Focus on the Teacher Survey (for teachers)
  • Focus on the School Survey (for administrators / school leaders) 
  • The Learning Process Questionnaire

Google Search
Foster independent learners that seek answers themselves, but with a high level of skill. Maximize the Goole Search tools for academic purposes. 
  • Maximizing Google Search Part 1 - The Basics 
  • Maximizing Google Search Part 2 - Understanding What You Read 
  • Maximizing Google Search Part 3 - Using Advanced Search Techniques