Sunday, August 16, 2020

Hyperdocs: Digital Spaces Using Google Docs That Help Students Focus

Sometimes a set of links can lead students to confusion and anxiety. Sometimes a teacher wants a more visually appealing way to present a lesson or activity document. Hyperdocs are digital lesson plans and activities that organize content and resources for students so that they can achieve. They focus on technology to support teaching and learning, not the technology. (see the tutorial video below to learn how to create a hyperdoc - it’s not so difficult!)

By using a hyperdoc, students can work independently with a clear sense of organization, leaving valuable face-to-face discussion time for the classroom. The digital nature of a hyperdoc makes learning interactive. Depending on the content students use it can be truly engaging while working alone. Google Docs are quite versatile and with some ideas for the design you can create a visually appealing workspace. A well-crafted hyperdoc allows students to brainstorm prior knowledge, explore new ideas and information, ideate, synthesize, apply, and reflect. 

Hypderdocs aren’t limited to Google Docs, but you can use other G Suite tools such as Drawings and Slides. Of course, anything that can be shared online can be turned into a one-stop place for a learning activity. What is nice about G Suite is that the file can be updated without having to go through too many steps. Try whatever tool or platform that works for you.

The idea of ‘hyperdocs’ was pioneered several years ago by three American teachers using G Suite for Education and it is safe to say it has taken off. 

Happy creating!

View the sample in the video.

Copy the sample in the video.

Download the PDF version from the video.

Find more templates and examples here.

Purchase The Hyperdoc Handbook from EdTechTeam or another bookseller.