Monday, December 23, 2019

Some Holiday Fun with Google Earth

Stay tuned for a detailed “how to” video on the new Google Earth projects tool. In the meantime, have some fun with this Google Earth tour on the History of Christmas, made with the new projects tools!

Have a little fun with this Christmas History tour on Google Earth.

Read through and then test your knowledge with a Jeopardy game.

A little about the new tool
Since before writing people have been storytellers. Stories are the threads that weave us together, and we all have stories to tell. You don’t have to be a Geography teacher to take advantage of Google’s geo tools - and specifically the new Google Earth project tool - to get your students researching, synthesizing, and creating content while collaborating! Google Earth takes you on journeys in Science, Geography, History, Culture - whatever can be mapped is a story to be told. The tools available include searching for and adding places, navigating to Street View, using slides, adding images and videos, and embedding external websites with the HTML feature. *Note: a Gmail account or school Google domain account is necessary and while Google Earth projects can be viewed on any device, projects must be made on a laptop.

Watch your students grow into engaging storytellers with Google Earth's new creation tool!

Happy Holidays!


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