Saturday, March 11, 2017

Turn Web Pages to PDF Documents

Sometimes you want to keep a web page or share it in a text format for yourself, colleagues or students. Bookmarking is fine, but what if connectivity is a concern? Working offline may be an option, but sometimes you may want to keep a copy of the page. There are Chrome extensions and Chrome apps that allow you to do this with relative degrees of flexibility. (to learn about Chrome extensions and apps see this Installing and Managing Chrome Extensions video tutorial).

Print Friendly & PDF. This Chrome extension allows you to create a PDF document form as web page. You can delete sections and images, as well as reduce the size of the text and images. The document can be emailed and printed as well. Links are kept active.

Save as PDF. Less flexible as the Print Friendly & PDF extension but links are kept live and images are included.

Web Page to PDF Converter. This Chrome app (different from extensions) allows you to save the PDF to Google Drive directly, and send the PDF by email using your Gmail account directly.

Thinking about the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami victims and survivors in Tohoku.
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